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Our Training Programmes

Our Training Programmes

Our Training Programmes are created by a number of highly intelligent individuals all with years in personal training experience. The Cardiff team take care of most of the needs for us!

Personal Training Services

Personal Training Services

Interested in becoming better, but need some help along the way? Arques-Gym offers fully customised personal training for beginner to advanced lifters all over the country. Why not come and give it a try for free?

Powerlifting Training Classes

Powerlifting Training Classes

Interested in Power lifting classes, we have teamed up with the powerlifting gym Cardiff to start our routines and classes. Ever fancied a 200KG deadlift or a 3 plate bench? This class will help you get there!

Gym Equipment

Gym Equipment

If you are looking to get started in weight-lifting, chances are you will need some equipment. We have partnered with Ghost Fitness to bring you some great gym accessories and fitness equipment without the pain and cost usually associated.

Our Clients

Arques Gym Benefits

If you still haven't decided to join the Arques gym Cardiff team yet, then here are some of the huge benefits that we offer when you sign up with us!

Free Sports Drinks

Free Sports Drinks and Water available 24/7 from our team of staff and using the sign-up code generated when you first join us.

Open 24/7 365 Days a Year

Come and train with us, rain or shine, Christmas or Easter, we will be training, will you?

Customised Meal Plans

Struggling with your meal plans? Have no fear we offer fully customised macro and micronutritional meal plans to all of our customers.

Great Music

Top quality music played on the premise 24/7. We even have pump up and chill out sessions too, so if your planning to go-hard, time it well!

Our Equipment

Loads of new service standards, new ways to train and relax afterwards will make this your fittest year so far.

Swimming Pool

A 10 meter swimming pool for anyone interested in becoming a fish.

5 Squat Racks

5 high quality, top of the range squat power racks, for anyone looking to become the next Cardiff weight lifting king. Racking from: Although obviously custom made!

10 Treadmills

Interested in running away from your problems? We have 10 different ways for you to do that here.

Bar & Restaurant

Fancy a relax after your workout? Chill out in the bar and meet some training buddies in the process.


Purchase a number of gym accessories and equipment from our store.

Changing Rooms

Get changed without having to be in the middle of the gym... Always a positive.

Solar Panels

We are powered by Solar energy, so you can now feel good when you are using our electricity, that you have actually helped, due to our pv solar panels.

Join our Cardiff Gym

Become a better version of yourself and join us at the Arques Gym Cardiff. We are supported by other gyms in Cardiffand have a number of high quality and well trained staff and personal trainers to assist any of your needs. So what are you waiting for? Sign up below by sending us an email and we will call you back with more information.